The Advertising Guide

Five Benefits of Programmatic Advertising


Marketing is an essential activity in business, and it contributes significantly to towards its success. There are various types of marketing, but they are divided into traditional marketing which involves the use of billboards and digital marketing which uses the online platforms. Programmatic advertising is a form of digital marketing which many advertisers are using to reach out to their clients in all the parts of the world. It is better than traditional marketing which is only localized. Here are some of the benefits of embracing programmatic advertising.


It provides real time information and insights - This is an automated technology, and it can collect and analyze information in the market which is relevant for decision making to enhance any campaigns. With this technology, you can track the place where your advert is shown and the response it gets in that area.


Appropriate in the changing market environment - Several factors affect the operations in a market and this call for appropriate response to meet the changes so that you are not left behind. Programmatic advertising has technology which takes into account such factors as pricing, traffic ratios, conversions and clicks and this information is helpful in reacting to the market situation. It can measure performance and devise an appropriate campaign, and this gives marketers time to create more adverts instead of coming up with effective strategies for existing adverts.


Advertisers pay only for relevant impressions - You will have several opportunities in using programmatic video advertisingas compared to traditional ways of advertising. For instance, advertisers will only pay for the relevant impressions on their adverts. They can also control their budgets in advertising by creating a minimum number of impressions or a minimum budget. Thus, there are not over spending on making advertisements and this result in low administrative costs.


Transparency - You can achieve greater transparency in programmatic advertising than when using traditional advertising. In fact, you can have information about the sites that the adverts reach, the kind of clients that see it and any other relevant costs associated with the ad. You get this information on a real time basis. Information is a vital resource in business, and if you have all this, then your business is destined to prosperity.


Reduced ad fraud incidents - Ad fraud is a major concern to all advertisers because it leads to loss of revenue. However, if you adopt programmatic advertising, there are slim chances that you will experience such frauds because the system tracks the adverts and give you real time information.